Grace Award for Caring

The Grace Award for Caring is an award created in partnership with the Holiday Property Bond (HPB) and was launched by Sue Barker OBE in 2019, specifically to recognise and reward partners, relatives and friends who spend their lives selflessly devoted to caring for their loved ones.

Commenting on the award during the launch, Sue said:

“I am thrilled to be launching this award with Revitalise to give carers the opportunity to go on a well-deserved break while those that they care for enjoy a free holiday with Revitalise.

“As a Bondholder with HPB, I know many of the Holiday Property Bond locations personally having enjoyed many wonderful holidays myself and I’m really looking forward to rewarding deserving carers in the UK with the time off they need to relax and recharge.”


So, nominate a deserving carer below and they could benefit from a free holiday with HPB, while the loved one that they care for enjoys a free break at the same time with us.

* Don’t miss out, nominations close on 19th June 2021!

We know it’s not selfish for people to want a little time for themselves. It’s a wonderful thing to love someone and to look after them, but it’s also an important and healthy thing to look after yourself. Everyone deserves and needs a break, and taking a much-needed holiday can help people to discover who they are beyond being a brilliant carer. 


Hilary and Shaun                       

Hilary, who cares for her son Shaun and was the first beneficiary to experience a holiday through our partnership with HPB, said:

“For the last 15 years I’ve been caring for Shaun, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself a carer. It’s just something I do as his mum…it’s only the second time I’ve been away on a proper holiday since Shaun’s accident… It’s not often I feel so positive, in fact, I feel better than I have in the last 15 years.”



Jenny is 50 years old and lives with spina bifida, and relies on her parents to take her to regular hospital appointments as well as doing all of Jenny’s cooking and cleaning. Lin and Jeff are in their 70s and have their own health worries, but they care for Jenny without any complaints and stay positive. Jenny believes they have given up a ‘normal’ life to care for her.


Know anyone like Hilary, Lin and Jeff who deserve a holiday? Nominate them below!

*If you have previously nominated your carer in the past, all applications will be carried forward to the 2021 nominations, so you don’t need to nominate them again.


Grace Award for Caring Nomination Form

  • Has this person given up full-time work to care for a loved one? Do they go above and beyond to ensure your care needs are met? or do you just think they deserve a break for being amazing in general?! Let us know below!
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