It’s a jungle out there

Newborn baby Jabari meets dad Shaka for the very first time.

Jabari is a Southern African name with Arabic origins, meaning ‘fearless’. According to Knowsley’s keepers, the name fits. Jabari is ready to challenge anyone – from his rhino aunties to a gust of wind!

“It’s great to see them getting into herd-life, whether they’re chomping on the grass or catching some sun”, Knowsley’s Rhino Team Leader Jason says. “As always, it’s a total delight to me, all the keepers and the visitors too, to welcome a newborn into the Knowsley fold.”

Tragically, rhinos are threatened by illegal poaching of rhino horns, habitat loss and political conflict. Jabari’s birth will bring a much-needed boost to the rhino population.


More than meer-ly cuddly

Meerkats are highly co-operative (and apparently cuddly!). They are known to help each other with tasks like babysitting or grooming – even if they aren’t related! They also take turns during the night to watch out for potential predators.





Frankly, my deer…

The Eld’s deer are native to South East Asia. They are elegant, beautiful animals, and in Manipur, India there are numerous legends about the Eld’s deer bringing nature and humans together. Sadly, the Eld’s deer are endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. Knowsley are part of a project in Cambodia with Wildlife Alliance, working towards creating a healthy population of Eld’s deer that can one day be returned to the wild.



This is Willow, the smallest lion at Knowsley. Knowsley’s Lion Keeper James introduces her:

“Willow is a very cheeky member of the group who loves to stalk us keepers and other lions as well as causing mischief with her sister Poppy.”

Sadly, the African lion population has declined by 41% in the last two decades. As James puts it: “I really am privileged to spend my time with this iconic species but without our help their wild cousins will continue to decrease. I hope that the Knowsley lions will inspire you all to take an interest in their conservation. Can anyone imagine a world without lions?”

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