Don’t Stop Me Now!

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17th September 2012

New Vitalise video celebrates spirit of Paralympics

The disability charity Vitalise has produced an entertaining and inspiring new video, which celebrates the spirit of people with disabilities in the wake of the London 2012 Paralympics.

The humorous, uplifting video features the disabled guests, volunteers and staff at Sandpipers, the charity’s Southport respite holiday centre, singing and dancing along to Queen’s feel good anthem ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

The video also pays tribute to the amazing inspirational achievements of the athletes at the London Paralympics, such as Hannah Cockcroft and Jonnie Peacock, who are among the Team GB athletes featured in the video.

The video was produced to celebrate the indomitable spirit of people with disabilities in all walks of life, as exemplified by the incredible performances at the Paralympics. It reflects Vitalise’s philosophy of seeing the person, not the disability, and of focussing on what people with disabilities can do, not what they can’t.

Thanks to the kind co-operation of EMI and Universal, Vitalise was able to secure the use of Queen’s uplifting anthem for the video. Vitalise is hoping the video will go viral on YouTube, to showcase the challenges and achievements of people with disabilities the world over. The charity is calling on all its supporters to share the video as widely as possible.

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