Guests at Jubilee Lodge experience thrill of Laser Tag.

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14th April 2015

Centre offers action-packed activity to guests for first time.

The guests at local disability charity Revitalise Jubilee Lodge experienced an exhilarating afternoon of Laser Tag on Friday 10 April, as part of the charity’s varied excursion and activity programme.

The centre’s car park was transformed into a Laser Tag battle ground, complete with camouflaged inflatable barricades, where guests were armed with high-tech laser guns and laser sensor headbands.

The event, a new addition to Jubilee Lodge’s activity calendar in 2015, was a chance for guests to try something new, thanks to expert support and innovative technology. Revitalise offers an extensive range of accessible activities and excursions to guests, giving them the opportunity to have fun and indulge in new experiences all year long.

Laser Tag is similar in nature to Paintballing, but instead utilises infra-red technology to register hits on the opponent.

The Laser Tag activity brought Spring Youth Week to a fantastic end, with guests having experienced the heady heights of accessible flying lessons thanks to accessible aviation charity Aerobility earlier in the week.

Speaking of the day’s activity, Revitalise guest Chris Babet commented:

“It was a really fun day and it was great that everyone joined in with the activity. I’ve really enjoyed all the trips this week and I’d definitely take part in Laser Tag again. At Revitalise I am able to do things that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do otherwise and I always look forward to coming back to see my friends. I’ve had an amazing week!”

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