Revitalise’s support for the NHS is at risk because of a lack of insurance and Government support

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14th January 2021

In the midst of a national health crisis, charities caring for people ill with Covid-19 have been abandoned by both private sector insurers and Government.

Despite the directive for care homes to be requisitioned as facilities to support the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government have yet again failed to ensure sufficient planning to make this happen.

In November and following the first wave of Covid-19, the Government set out its NHS Winter plan arrangements with specific measures identified to manage the anticipated second wave of the virus. The intention was to relieve the pressures on hospitals by enabling non-acute Covid-19 patients to recuperate in approved local care settings, thereby freeing up beds for people with acute and life-threatening conditions.

Revitalise were one such setting, one of 131 across the country who are now facing the very real threat of being uninsurable if they continue to care for patients with Covid-19. Despite calls for Government and NHS England to provide alternative indemnity, no response has been forthcoming.

Revitalise CEO Jan Tregelles said:

It is shocking that specialist care charities such as Revitalise are being forced to send COVID-19 patients back into hospitals, despite all of our resources and staff, because we are not getting the vital support from the insurance sector and  Government that we need. 

Not one U.K. insurance provider is prepared to provide indemnity for the provision of care and support to people with Covid-19. Even partial cover comes with a massive increase in premium and conditions which make any such provision unviable. We have been trying to solve this issue with both insurance companies and government for weeks and have been ignored. 

Insurance companies are profiteering off the misery of Covid and in this hour of need for the NHS – it’s time that the Government forms an agreement with insurance companies to relieve packed hospitals and allow care providers like Revitalise, to ease the strain. The government have the power to fix this and they must not fail the NHS now.” 

For 57 years, Revitalise has provided respite care breaks to thousands of disabled people and their families, offering a vital lifeline to people with conditions including MS, cerebral palsy, stroke and Parkinson’s.

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