No kind of Christmas: nation’s disabled families at breaking point

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3rd December 2021
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No kind of Christmas: nation’s disabled families at breaking point

As the festive season approaches, 1 in 4 disabled people and carers say they will feel lonely and isolated this Christmas and 44% of carers are at breaking point.

Revitalise, the UK’s largest provider of respite holidays have today launched an emotive appeal to the public to support disabled people and carers this Christmas. This follows research from Carer’s UK which shows that carers are under intolerable pressure.

Revitalise CEO, Jan Tregelles, explained:Living with a disability and caring for a disabled relative can be relentless and exhausting, and the caring aspect is often round-the-clock. The pandemic has exacerbated this. Millions of disabled families have seen their usual care support packages withdrawn and have endured months of self-isolation due to their vulnerability to COVID-19. Isolation and loneliness are a huge issue and sadly, this worsens over Christmas as disabled people and carers find themselves alone when the whole world is socialising and celebrating.

Revitalise are combating this by launching an urgent Christmas fundraising appeal to enable more disabled families to enjoy a relaxing break, a pampering experience, or a Christmas meal, and by asking everyone to do what they can for disabled people and their families this Christmas.’

Diane and Wesley’s story:

Diane cares for her son, Wesley, who has cerebral palsy and is a permanent wheelchair user. She talks about the pressures of caring and how there is never a break, not even at Christmas:

“‘I’m just shattered. Wes needs someone to physically feed him, he can’t do that himself. It’s always the same, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We don’t get a day off for Christmas Day, birthdays…it’s hard enough when there are people who help. It’s just me and Wes, stop start, so I leave my things. The only time we get a break is when Wes is away on respite.

This year, Wesley will be spending the Christmas holidays at Sandpipers. Wesley says:The past 18 months has been a challenge, I know some of my services had to stop, but my needs didn’t stop. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t come to Revitalise and when I couldn’t go anywhere in lockdown.

It feels great for me to be coming to Revitalise for holidays because I get to see my friends and meet new friends and have a break and to give my Mum and support workers a break. I love going to Revitalise.”

Revitalise CEO Jan Tregelles said: ‘For as little as £10, you could help thousands more people like Wesley and Diane to have a lovely Christmas. Our Christmas gift list enables people to support a disabled family to enjoy a Christmas dinner, an evening of festive entertainment, or a break at our Sandpipers centre, giving carers a break whilst their loved ones are looked after and having a brilliant time. Over the last two years, we have all come to appreciate the importance of taking a break and the huge benefits to our mental wellbeing. Please help disabled families to do the same.’

Anyone wishing to support Revitalise’s ‘Gift a Break’ campaign and help more disabled people get an urgently needed break can make their donation via


Your gift

Examples of what your gift could buy


Christmas dinner


Christmas present for all our guests spending Christmas alone


The gift of time: an hour’s break for a carer


Hydrotherapy pool experience**


A night of memories: a magical evening of entertainment


No limits: personal sling to aid hoisting


Feel refreshed: a shower chair


The gift of a subsidised break


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