The Revitalise Paralympic Legacy Campaign

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8th September 2016
Paralympic Legacy Campaign

The Revitalise Paralympic Legacy Campaign

featuring the Last Straw Poll and Saint or Sinner Quizz

As the incredible achievements of our wonderful Paralympians at the Rio Games fills our TV screens, all the talk is about the legacy of 2012. A new poll by Scope found that 78% of disabled people thought the 2012 London Paralympics had a positive effect on people’s attitudes to disability, but only 19% think Britain is a better place to be disabled than it was four years ago. That’s why Revitalise wants to find a way to turn positive attitudes into practical action.

So we’re asking disabled people to tell us their top 10 pet peeves about everyday living today. The results will let us know the small things that need to change. Like the secret of Team GB’s success, these small things, once added up, will create a big difference for disabled people. In this way we can ensure that the legacy of the Rio Paralympics is not just positive attitude but positive change!

We’re also asking non-disabled people about their own habits and attitudes towards disabled people with our fun but informative quiz, Saint or Sinner. Find out if you’re a saint, a sinner – or a little bit of both!

A better society for all – what better Paralympic legacy could there be than that?


Disabled people – tell us your top 10 pet peeves in our Last Straw Poll!

The Last Straw Poll


If you are a disabled person who uses a wheelchair, we want to know all about the things that really grind your gears or get your goat about everyday living. And what’s more, if you complete our survey, your name will be put into a prize draw giving you the chance to win a voucher worth £250 off your next Revitalise holiday! (or alternatively a £50 M&S or Amazon voucher).

Read more about and take part in our Last Straw Poll

Join the conversation: #LastStrawPoll


Non-disabled people – take part in our fun Saint or Sinner Quiz!

Revitalise Saint or Sinner quiz logo


As we witness the incredible achievements of our wonderful Paralympians at the Rio Paralympics, Revitalise asks non-disabled people – what are you doing to advance the cause of equal opportunities for disabled people? Are you a saint, a sinner – or a little bit of both? Find out by completing our fun quiz – and be in with the chance of winning a £50 M&S or Amazon voucher!

And remember – this quiz is 100% confidential – so you can be 100% honest!

Read more about and take part in our Saint or Sinner Quiz 

Join the conversation: #SaintAbility


What next?

Once we close the Saint or Sinner Quiz and the Last Straw Poll, we will put the results together and find out what needs to be done to make society more accessible, inclusive and disability-friendly. Look out for our PR campaign after the Paralympics!


Stephanie Stone

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