Revitalise announce holiday award nominations now open for Britain’s most vulnerable people deserving a break

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19th May 2021

Revitalise announce holiday award nominations now open for Britain’s most vulnerable people deserving a break

Charity invite public to vote in the Grace Award for Caring, giving disabled people and carers a much-needed break following pandemic

As international travel returns, it’s important to remember that not everyone can participate – many disabled people are forced to continue isolating following the hardships of the pandemic. With this in mind, Revitalise are delighted to announce that nominations are now open for the Grace Award for Caring, giving the opportunity to recognise and reward the hard work of Britain’s army of carers, whilst their disabled loved ones enjoy a break with Revitalise. To vote, please head here

The Grace Award for Caring is an award created specifically to recognise and reward partners, relatives and friends who spend their lives devoted to caring for loved ones, and has been made possible through a partnership with the Holiday Property Bond (HPB). The pandemic has hit disabled people and their carers particularly hard, and many are forced to continue isolating. A survey from the Disability Benefits Consortium revealed that two thirds have gone without food, heat and medication, so a holiday should give some much-needed comfort.

Revitalise CEO Jan Tregelles said:
“It has been a very difficult year for carers and their loved ones, so here at Revitalise it is our pleasure to give something back to carers, who play such an important role in our society
“Please nominate a deserving carer to be in with a chance of a free holiday with HPB, whilst their loved ones enjoy a free break with Revitalise!”
HPB Chairman Geoffrey Baber said:

“We share the Revitalise commitment to providing fantastic holidays to the people who deserve them most. We have over 1,400 top quality villas, cottages and apartments across the UK and Europe and we’re looking forward to welcoming the winner/s for a fantastic holiday!”

Sue Barker OBE initially launched the awards in 2019, saying:
“I am thrilled to be launching this award with Revitalise to give carers the opportunity to go on a well-deserved break while those that they care for enjoy a free holiday with Revitalise.
“As a Bondholder with HPB, I know many of the Holiday Property Bond locations personally having enjoyed many wonderful holidays myself and I’m really looking forward to rewarding deserving carers in the UK with the time off they need to relax and recharge.”
The award was named not only because it takes grace to care for someone, but it also takes grace to accept care from someone. The Grace Award for Caring is here to recognise some of these everyday heroes and reward as many of them as possible with free holidays. This award acknowledges not just the carers, but also the strength and dignity of the disabled people being cared for. The deadline for applications is 19th June 2021.
There are an estimated 13.6 million unpaid carers in the UK today, of which 4.5 million became carers since the pandemic began.

Throughout the pandemic, Revitalise has been welcoming disabled guests from across the UK, offering them a much needed break with some comfort and company. For 57 years, Revitalise has provided respite care breaks to a huge range of people. These are a vital lifeline to so many unpaid home carers and their disabled family members.

To enquire about respite care support at Revitalise Sandpipers, please visit To show your support for Revitalise and help them to provide subsidised care breaks during the pandemic, please go to:

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  • Mig Murray says:

    Good morning

    Decided to send as i have the most important person in my life who goes above and beyond constantly.
    My sister and i lost my mama to parkinsons a few years ago. Anyone who knows this god awful disease knows who the heart break involved. As a family we all cared for mama but my poor sister moved house after house ( PRIVATE RENTED) trying to find anything suitable warm and safe to care for our amazing mum as she was the main care provider for years. My sister gail also works in care her back breaks daily her head has had as much as it can take. She also works her a** off to provide for her son and grand children, topping up there rent and providing small summer breaks as her son cant work. I have watched a strong unbreakable woman hold down strenuous jobs look after her husband who has been in and out of hospital, look ground down heart broken and grey. I would be here all week trying to explain how much bad luck this wonderful sister of mine has however if you have time to read i am more than happy to write for as long as you care to read. I just didnt want who ever ay read this to look and think pifffftt thats too long and just dismiss it. I obviously cant afford to send my sister away as i would have done so already. She doesnt need some lavish cruise or expensive holiday, just a break some where anywhere or long weekend.
    Not a begging email more of a desperation one.
    If read thank you so much even if you cant help.

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