Revitalise announced as Bird & Blend’s chosen ChariTEA

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31st October 2018
Revitalise guest enjoying cup of tea while on holiday

Revitalise is proud to announce that they have been selected as ChariTEA of the quarter by UK expert Tea Mixologists Bird & Blend Tea Co.

This means that from October to December this year, 100% of the profits from the company’s Chinese Treasures tea blend, Revitalise’s tea of choice, will go straight towards helping to make a difference to the lives of the disabled people and carers that we support right across the UK.

With stores located in Brighton, Bristol, London Angel, London Borough, Manchester, Nottingham and Tunbridge Wells you can either try the tea in store and buy, or buy direct from their website.

To find out more Revitalise’s reasons for choosing Chinese Treasures Tea blend visit their website here.

Go ahead and enjoy every cup of Chinese Treasures tea knowing that it not only tastes good but that it does good too!


Stephanie Stone

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