Revitalise call on government to keep lateral flow tests free for disabled people and at-home carers

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1st April 2022
Covid-19 lateral flow rapid test kit

The government’s decision to end free lateral flow tests have left disabled people and their at-home carers in an increasingly vulnerable position. This change risks further reducing any remaining confidence disabled people and carers may have in going out into their communities, at a time when they have been among the most isolated and affected in terms of mental health during the pandemic, because of their need or wish to shield.

To keep everyone safe, Revitalise guests are asked to ensure they have a negative LFT 48 hours before arrival at our respite centres. Without access to free testing, they will find themselves coming for their long awaited break to be turned away if they test positive on the door, having incurred significant expense to get to us.

Over 70% of unpaid carers and disabled people are experiencing burnout and desperately need respite breaks, but the knock-on effect of the government’s poor planning will now see our guests facing additional stress, worry and financial burden. There needs to be urgent provision for disabled people and their at-home carers to access free covid testing kits.

Carer doing Covid test at home

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  • Roger Radford says:

    The vulnerability of disabled people is being ignored yet again by this government, especially the over 75s.

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