Revitalise committed to combatting pressure injury

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16th November 2017
Revitalise guest and volunteer dancing

Charity runs ‘Keep Moving’ initiative at its centres to mark Pressure Ulcer Awareness Day.

Revitalise has once again taken action to mark Pressure Ulcer Awareness Day on 16 November, with a range of preventative initiatives for its guests to try.

Revitalise created the ‘Keep Moving’ initiative, a five minute, wheelchair-based exercise routine designed to raise awareness of pressure injury, last year, while demonstrating to its guests simple ways of alleviating the pressure caused by being seated for prolonged periods of time.

‘Keep Moving’ is part of an ongoing quality assurance drive within Revitalise and has already been endorsed by industry experts in the tissue viability field, namely Sylvie Hampton, Keith Cutting, Sarah Gray and Tina Chambers, Trustee of the Tissue Viability Society.

In addition to ‘Keep Moving’, last year Revitalise launched a number of other preventative measures designed to minimise the risk of pressure injury among the guests who come to the charity for a break. These include developing links with local tissue viability teams to provide training for the charity’s nursing and care staff, appointing a new team of tissue viability nurse champions at each centre and acquiring Talley Group ‘Fusion’ hybrid mattresses to provide flexible pressure area care for the holiday centres’ beds.

Each of the measures implemented by Revitalise is part of the charity’s ongoing commitment to best practice in care delivery across its centres. In regard to tissue viability care, the charity has embraced the ‘SSKIN’ five step model for pressure injury prevention which has been widely adopted across the NHS.

Tina Chambers, Trustee of the Tissue Viability Society, once again visited Netley Waterside House to show her support for the ‘Keep Moving’ initiative and offer training for the centre’s nursing team on Pressure Ulcer Awareness Day.

The guest, volunteers and staff of Revitalise Jubilee Lodge and Sandpipers took the anniversary a step further, by turning Keep Moving into a fun participation event for all by dancing from dawn til dusk to celebrate the joy of movement.


Sarah Mancini, Revitalise Director of Nursing and Care Quality, commented:

“The key reason we came up with the ‘Keep Moving’ initiative was to empower our guests to be aware of the importance of skin integrity and regular repositioning, through fun and inclusive activities and we’re delighted that it has been so well received.

“We pride ourselves on focussing on what our guests can do, not what they can’t, and already run regular activities designed to keep our guests fit and active, such as accessible Zumba, fitness classes and Boccia tournaments. We are proud to say that ‘Keep Moving’ is now among the activities we provide for our guests.

“The raft of initiatives we have introduced and the adoption of the SSKIN five-step model in our operating procedures is intended to embed pressure ulcer prevention as a mark of quality care in our service.”

Pressure ulcers cause long-term discomfort and distress to those affected and as a result can mean prolonged stays in hospital. Treating pressure ulcers costs the NHS more than £3.8 million every day, yet it has been estimated that 95% of pressure ulcers are preventable.

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