Revitalise Launches its Care for Carers – Raise a Million – Fund-Raising Appeal

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1st October 2020

As part of its Care for Carers Campaign, Revitalise Respite Holidays is today launching its Raise a Million, fund-raising appeal.

Revitalise hopes that with the help and generosity of its donors and the kindness of the general public it will be able to create a £1 million support fund, so that it can subsidize thousands of home carers and the loved ones they care for, to take a much needed break at one of its centres.

We have all experienced the challenges of lockdown and are fearful of the prospect of another six months of restrictions. It is even worse for unpaid home carers who have already struggled, without any community help, for months. They now face a further six months of isolation, with no end in sight of the unrelenting pressures of providing round the clock care. 

To make matters worse with household budgets being squeezed by job losses and recession, affordability is also becoming a huge barrier.

Revitalise CEO Jan Tregelles said:

“We have been inspired by the experiences of carers from across the country. They are the exhausted and forgotten victims of Covid-19 and Revitalise Respite care is determined to do all it can to help.

“Our Raise a Million, fund-raising appeal will subsidize thousands of short respite care breaks so carers and their loved ones have a chance to escape the constant pressure, recharge their batteries and enjoy a much-needed change of scenery.

“Please help the Revitalise #careforcarers campaign by spreading the word, by being good neighbours to home carers that live near you and by giving whatever you can afford to help us reach our ambitious One Million target. To find out more please go to: 

Throughout its Care for Carers Campaign, Revitalise has highlighted the voice of carers. Those desperate voices spurred us to urge Government to change care home restrictions so that emergency respite care is available immediately to those at breaking point and in urgent need of respite. The recent Social Care Sector- Covid 19 Taskforce Report to Government, recognised that urgent need and recommended that vital respite services like Revitalise should open without delay. Our campaign is making progress.

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