Revitalise welcomes disabled people’s landmark victory

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6th November 2017
Carer and guest in wheelchair

National charity calls for root and branch overhaul of failing PIP benefit.

National disabled people’s charity Revitalise has welcomed the news that 10,000 disabled people will be better off as a result of their legal victory over Personal Independence Payment (PIP) rules.

The charity is calling for a root and branch overhaul of the entire PIP system to prevent further confusion and ensure disabled people receive sufficient benefits to play a meaningful role in society.

As austerity bites ever deeper, the respite break provider has had to quadruple its hardship funding in recent years in response to an unprecedented increase in demand from disabled people and carers in financial hardship.

Revitalise CEO Chris Simmonds commented:

“This latest legal victory simply adds weight to the argument that PIP is not fit for purpose and needs a complete overhaul.”

“This time last year the UN Committee on the Rights of Disabled Persons (UNCRPD) found that the UK’s welfare reforms amounted to ‘grave and systematic violations’ of disabled people’s rights.

“Then came the news that many disabled people were being left with no choice but to purchase their own wheelchairs in order to maintain their mobility, leaving many confined to their homes.

“This government claims to be committed to the rights of disabled people, but how can they lead dignified, productive, meaningful lives if they are not given the financial support to do so?”

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