A new featured week! Science vs Astrology

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23rd January 2016
Cosmic system

An age-old debate is about come to a head at Jubilee Lodge during their Science vs Astrology week coming up on 27 February 2015.

Who will reign? Will it be modern Einsteins on the side of Science? Or will it be the mystic folk seeking answers not apparent in physical world, with Astrology?

Last year, guests enjoyed excursions out to the Science Museum, and the Royal Observatory as well as visits to the cinema to see the Oscar-winning film ‘The Theory of Everything’.

Guest Relations Manager Amanda says that she has some cracking excursions and entertainment planned for guests coming along on this week,

“I’ve planned a trip out to see the famous Psychic Sally, who’s on tour at the moment and she’s one of the most famous psychics in the UK. I’ve also organised for lots of interesting activities and entertainment back at the centre”

Amanda reassures guests, though, that if you aren’t an expert in Science or Astrology, not to worry!

“Essentially we are going to go on a journey, and if last year is anything to go by, we’ll have heaps of fun. We really want you to enjoy yourself!” said Amanda.

Too right Amanda!

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to book in this week, give our friendly bookings team a call on 0303 303 0145 or reserve your space online here.

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