Sue Barker OBE launches Grace Award for Caring

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26th September 2019

Revitalise are celebrating those that care for others by rewarding them and their loved ones with free holidays.

Sue Barker OBE is joining forces with Revitalise to launch their Grace Award for Caring, a brand-new award created specifically to recognise and reward partners, relatives and friends who spend their lives selflessly devoted to caring for their loved ones.

Revitalise is a national charity that creates holidays for disabled people and their carers, and the Grace Award for Caring has been made possible through a new partnership with the Holiday Property Bond (HPB). The charity is asking people to nominate deserving individuals to be in with a chance of benefitting from a free holiday with HPB, whilst their loved ones enjoy a free break at the same time with Revitalise.

Sue Barker OBE, television presenter and former professional tennis player, is also a Bondholder with HPB, and is fronting the award campaign.

Commenting on the award, Sue said:

“I am thrilled to be launching this award with Revitalise to give carers the opportunity to go on a well-deserved break while those that they care for enjoy a free holiday with Revitalise.

“As a Bondholder with HPB, I know many of the Holiday Property Bond locations personally having enjoyed many wonderful holidays myself and I’m really looking forward to rewarding deserving carers in the UK with the time off they need to relax and recharge.”

The award was named not only because it takes grace to care for someone, but it also takes grace to accept care from someone. The Grace Award for Caring is here to recognise some of these everyday heroes and reward as many of them as possible with free holidays. This award acknowledges not just the carers, but also the strength and dignity of the disabled people being cared for.

There are 6.5 million people providing care for others living in the UK and it is estimated that they save the economy £132bn per year, which is more than the entire NHS budget every year, with many people dedicating their life to looking after those they love. It’s a wonderful thing to love someone and to look after them, but it’s also an important and healthy thing to look after yourself and have some revitalising time apart.

An estimated 6,000 people take on caring responsibilities every day, with 600 of those people quitting work to do so. That is why it is so important that these people benefit from a break.

HPB welcomed their first person to benefit from this new partnership, Hilary, who cares for her son Shaun and has said:

“I definitely wouldn’t call myself a carer. It’s just something I do as his mum. But it wouldn’t be true to call the last 15 years easy – in fact some were such struggle I can’t even describe.

“It’s only the second time I’ve been away on a proper break since Shaun’s accident, and as well as caring for Shaun full-time, it’s hard for me to get away due to financial reasons.

“Being able to get away with a change of scenery, to wake up to birds singing and the green of the trees rather than concrete and grey, was so amazing. I felt that my mood had been lifted, like there was a ray of sunshine and a ray of hope.

“It’s not often I feel so positive, in fact, I feel better than I have in the last 15 years.”

You can hear more about Hilary and Shaun’s story in the brand-new and exclusive series, Anthea Turner’s Hot Topics. The first episode explores the lives of three Revitalise guests and their carers, including Hilary and Shaun, and how vital their holidays at Revitalise. You can view the episode by clicking here

Chris Simmonds, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“I am delighted to announce the Grace Award for Caring is now open for nominations. Thanks to the generous support from the Holiday Property Bond, we can reward selfless hardworking people like Hilary with a free holiday. It is with great pleasure that we also welcome Sue Barker on-board who shares our passion to give carers a well-deserved break and have no doubt that this will help us reach even more deserving carers and those they care for.

“We know from experience that people like Hilary are incredibly devoted, and put other’s needs before their own, often leaving them missing out on taking a break. We know it’s not selfish to want a little time to yourself and taking a much-needed holiday can help people to discover who they are beyond being a brilliant carer.

“That’s why we can’t wait to welcome the nominated winners of the Grace Award for Caring to take a break with the Holiday Property Bond, while their loved one comes on a free break with Revitalise.”

To vote, please visit and tell Revitalise why a carer you know deserves to win a free holiday. Nominations are now open.


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