Vitalise becomes Revitalise today

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29th December 2014

Vitalise becomes Revitalise today, with launch of new logo, website and brochure

National disability charity Vitalise has today become Revitalise, as the charity unveils its new website and logo and releases its 2015 Breaks Brochure. The charity’s new website has gone live today.

It was felt that the new name Revitalise was a much better description of what the charity does and encapsulated perfectly the core values of the charity, as well as the impact it makes on the lives of the guests it serves.

Another key imperative was the need to further raise the profile of the Revitalise brand as the charity embarks on an ambitious capital campaign. The Revitalise ‘Beyond Respite’ campaign aims to raise sufficient funds to open three new UK centres – effectively doubling the charity’s social impact – in response to increasing demand for its services.

The charity’s new strapline, ‘Respite holidays for disabled people and carers’, was devised to better reflect the innovative approach to breaks with care developed by Revitalise over 50 years, which introduces holiday-style features such as excursions, activities and entertainments to the standard form of respite care. This unique approach goes far beyond conventional models of respite care and sets Revitalise apart from other providers in the field.

The change of name to Revitalise is the culmination of a very successful year for the charity. Revitalise boosted its public profile throughout 2014 with national media campaigns on topics including the benefits of volunteering, poor accessibility to visitor attractions and the barriers facing disabled shoppers on the high street.

The new Revitalise 2015 Breaks Brochure, issued today, showcases the charity’s innovative new range of inclusive respite breaks for disabled people and carers and demonstrates the charity’s continuing commitment to the principle of dignity in care through tailoring its provision to the needs of the individual.

The aim of Revitalise’s breaks is to improve the quality of life of disabled people and carers through the provision of socially inclusive experiences designed to restore confidence and wellbeing and revitalise the individual’s ability to cope.

In 2015 Revitalise will provide a diverse range of breaks with care, themed to different interests and age groups. The themed weeks on offer in 2015 will include Hollywood, Cathedrals & Market Towns, Aquatic Adventures, Stately Homes & gardens, Comedy, Cabaret & Circus, London Discovery, Country & Western, Skating and Sailing and Discover Wildlife, alongside the centres’ perennial favourites, such as Youth and Young at Heart Weeks.

In addition, Revitalise’s ground-breaking Alzheimer’s Weeks will continue in response to demand. These innovative breaks provide a supportive environment for couples affected by dementia to spend quality time together, in order to reconnect as individuals and temporarily shed the labels of carer and cared for.

Revitalise Chief Executive Chris Simmonds said:

“Today we open a new chapter in the history of this great charity. In 2013 we reached the milestone of our 50th birthday, so we felt it was the right time to look to the future with renewed hope, renewed determination, and a revitalised brand. Revitalise – it’s what we do.

“By updating our brand we also hope to add impetus to our ambitious plan to double our impact over the coming years by opening three more centres. A more readily identifiable brand will be key to the success of this mission and we’re very hopeful that the new name Revitalise will give us just that.

“However, beyond everything, our mission remains exactly the same. Underpinning everything we do is one simple, immutable belief – everybody needs a break.”

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