Vitalise does the Harlem Shake!

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15th April 2013

Vitalise Jubilee Lodge joins internet dance craze.

Vitalise has produced its own inimitable version of the Harlem Shake dance craze.

The uplifting video, produced by Senior Care Assistant Jono Dale, features the guests, volunteers and staff at Jubilee lodge in Chigwell, who were enjoying Easter Youth Week at the centre.

Among the stars of the video are guest Connor Armstrong, who starts the dancing, together with volunteers Lorraine Sinyard in a chicken costume, Felix Kluttig lifting Maria Varela, Rico Roselius in drag and Jono himself as Superman.

Jono Dale commented:

“We wanted to put our own unique spin on the Harlem Shake and show people another side of disability. We had a fantastic group of willing guests and volunteers that we couldn’t have done it without. Being able to do something like this is one of the many joys of working in such a unique environment!”

Vitalise’s Harlem Shake follows last year’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ video, celebrating the achievements of Team GB’s Paralympians, which has so far been viewed nearly 16,000 times on YouTube. Vitalise hopes its Harlem Shake will be equally successful in showcasing the uncompromising attitude of people with disabilities. The charity is calling on all its supporters to share its goodwill video as widely as possible.


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