Guest Testimonials

Here are just a few comments from people whose lives have been touched by Revitalise (or Vitalise, as we were still called when they shared their thoughts with us).

I had never spent a single night away from Sally-Ann before her break with Vitalise. As a carer you’re not used to your children being away and you can’t help but worry and miss them. This was the first time I felt that I really needed to take a break though and so did Sally-Ann. She was so excited about her break – as a bit of a daredevil she was really looking forward to trying out water-skiing and her excitement meant that I felt like everything was going to be ok. It was so important for us to have the respite. Many people would view Vitalise as just going on a break but it’s so much more than that. Sally-Ann said that at Vitalise she didn’t even feel disabled – when she was water-skiing, it was just her and the deep blue sea and she can’t wait to go again.
June Burden, mother to Sally-Ann

 I very first came across Vitalise via a leaflet enclosed in a magazine back in 2011 – wow! I can’t believe it is that long! I haven’t looked back as Vitalise as a whole has made me feel so very welcome, so able to be like my old self, able to relax, feel safe, to have a good laugh, visit places I otherwise wouldn’t be able to and to meet other people and make friends. Vitalise has become my second home.
Miss Jane Pogue

 If I won the lottery tomorrow – no matter how much – I would spend it all on breaks at Vitalise, Seriously, that’s how much being here means to me. I’ve been to other places, but Vitalise is the only place where I get to do what I want, when I want to do it.
Mr Michael Harper

 I attempt to get away as often as possible to one of the three Vitalise centres. The care and attention paid to the guests is second to none. I would recommend Vitalise without any reservations. The attitude of the staff and the organisation from Vitalise makes a happy working atmosphere, which one can see in the faces of the guests. Having visited Jubilee Lodge on seven occasions, I did find myself thinking as I arrived that I was coming home.
Mr John Turner

 Whilst at Vitalise my headache cleared, my blood pressure went down to normal and my hip was free of pain for two weeks. Thanks so much to all the staff who helped with Ray and gave me a stress free holiday.
Mrs Janette Foster

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