Carer and single mum – Loraine and Patricia’s story

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5th January 2017
Patricia and Lorraine

Loraine and Patricia’s story

Patricia is Loraine’s mum and has been her full-time sole carer for 40 years. Having recently retired, Patricia has balanced being a busy single mum, with working and providing daily, round-the-clock care for her daughter with minimal support for herself.

Need for a break

As well as caring for Loraine, Patricia also looks after her son, his partner and their new born baby, who have just moved into the house. Patricia is extremely busy and was worried the lack of a break would be damaging to her health, which would mean being unable to care for Loraine. “I have a bad back myself”, said Patricia, “and I need help showering Loraine. I’m supposed to be retired but I’m a full time carer. I get disturbed every night to help Loraine go to the toilet, as she is fully dependent on me. I’ve always enjoyed working but I do feel rushed off my feet”.

The difficulty to find an affordable and accessible holiday

When looking for somewhere to take Loraine on holiday, Patricia has struggled, due to costs, accessibility and somewhere that would suit Loraine, as she’s a very sociable woman, who loves getting involved with lots of activities. “Loraine loves being with other people and going out. She’s young at heart – just like a 20 year old! She absolutely loves Jubilee Lodge”.

Why are breaks important for carers?

Whilst Loraine was enjoying her break at Jubilee Lodge, Patricia had the opportunity to clean up the house and catch up on any bits of admin and sort through paperwork, which she didn’t have time to do before. “Knowing she’s going somewhere she loves, I don’t have to worry about her and can relax. It sets me up for the next few months”, explained Patricia.

The week-long break meant Loraine was able to do some of the things she loves and meet new people and it gave Patricia much-needed time to relax and concentrate on herself. Patricia said, “If she (Loraine) didn’t go away at all, life would be difficult. I would be unhappy and worry I’d make myself ill. It has been a life saver.”

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