Full time carer to husband – Chris and Mieko’s story

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5th January 2017
Chris and Mieko Wertheim

Chris and Mieko’s story

A full-time carer

Chris and his wife Mieko have always enjoyed a busy, active life together. Wanting to support her husband as much as possible, Mieko is Chris’ full-time carer, providing him with much need daily support, both physically and mentally for over 40 years.

Although unsteady on his feet and needing to use a wheelchair at times, Chris is determine to continue his active lifestyle and with Mieko’s assistance and ability to drive him to appointments, he attends weekly yoga, pilates and fall-prevention classes, lessons to improve his confidence and self-esteem and participates in a singing group.

She also supports Chris with his personal care, household tasks and prepares all of his meals. Chris and Mieko both agreed they needed a break before she burnt out. “I wanted to make sure Mieko had a break”, said Chris.

Need for a break

Having the break at Jubilee Lodge was a big step for Chris, as he is so used to having Mieko’s round-the-clock support and doesn’t like to do things without her. “It’s not easy to cope with someone like me. I can become forgetful and my communication isn’t good, but I knew the break would take the burden off Mieko”, explained Chris. It was important for him that whilst he was away for Mieko not to worry and make the most of the opportunity and go away herself.

Whilst Chris was away, Mieko felt fully refreshed. She had longed to go away herself so drove down to the south coast on her own and spent the time relaxing, spending time by herself and visiting antique fairs – something which isn’t accessible to her when she’s with Chris. “It gave us a very nice break”, said Mieko. “I felt refreshed and relaxed and happy that Chris was being looked after. Chris was very happy when he came back and he really enjoyed the break. We are now agreeing that we need to do this more often”.
“I would like to say a big thank you for providing the break for Chris and I”, said Mieko. “We are very grateful”.

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