Summer Revitalising Care Appeal

Let’s give carers a break

Celebrate Carers Week 6th to 12th June

1 in 3 of us will become carers at some point in our lives

Our new summer ‘Revitalising Care Appeal‘ pays tribute to all the unpaid carers out there, especially those who support our hotel guests and is launched during Carers Week.

We need your support to make this our biggest and most successful campaign to date.

72% of carers have suffered mental ill health due to caring

The pandemic has been especially difficult for disabled people and their carers. a recent survey revealed almost three quarters of carers have not had a proper break from their responsibilities for the last two years. This has placed a huge strain on families with many carers reaching breaking point. 

Revitalise can’t fix that problem alone, but we are passionate about doing all we can to reduce that pressure and enable as many disabled people and their carers to benefit from a proper holiday. This summer, and all year round.

Our centres are not just time away, they are a lifeline, to reconnect and for families to be themselves, rather than carer or cared for, even if only for a few days.


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Anne and Louise’s story

Louise suffered from brain damage at birth that resulted in Cerebral Palsy and is cared for by her mother, Anne. Last year, Anne contracted Covid, and was unwell for 4 months and found it incredibly difficult to care for Louise, and like so many carers, Anne was reaching breaking point. One thing that helped Anne and Louise through this difficult time was to look forward to their next holiday with Revitalise. Knowing they’d eventually get a chance to unwind and recharge their batteries.

Revitalise guest Louise with her mother Anne sitting outside in the sunshine

Unfortunately, Anne’s urgent need for a break is all too familiar. Our appeal will help us reach even more carers on the brink and in desperate need of a break.

It is more than a holiday. Knowing my daughter is well cared for and happy at Sandpipers means I can slow down and just relax. It is a massive weight off my shoulders.

— Anne

Anyone wishing to support our ‘Revitalising Care Appeal’ to help more disabled people and their carers get an urgently needed break can make their donation here.