Before Breaking Point

Simplyhealth’s Before Breaking Point partnership with Revitalise is now in its fifth year!

On behalf of the hundreds of families whose lives have been so positively affected by the generosity of Simplyhealth’s charitable donations, we express our deepest gratitude. Without assistance these families would no doubt have reached breaking point and we are delighted that we have been able to reach them before this happened. 

The Great Run

Simplyhealth is the official sponsor of the 2017 Great Run series and they have selected Revitalise as their headline charity. This great opportunity could help Revitalise to increase their visibility and raise substantial funds.

Funds from Simplyhealth have been used to support those who are in most need, those who are unable to afford or fund a respite holiday themselves. We ensure our guests are aware they can access this fund, rather than forego the essential break they so desperately need.

Revitalise’s mission is to restore hope and happiness to the lives of disabled people and carers, helping to alleviate the challenges they face as a result of their disability or caring responsibilities. Our partnership with Simplyhealth has ensured that we help them before they reach breaking point.

Building a strong partnership

Simplyhealth have proved to be a remarkable partner, pushing the collaboration way beyond the simple relation of granter to grantee. Simplyhealth’s staff have come to see us at our holiday centres, and volunteered with us on several occasions. They have also kindly donated products and produced this video about us.

In 2015, Simplyhealth agreed to fund a unique research program conducted by the London School of Economics on the Economic Benefits of Respite Breaks. The results, due in April 2017, could support policy reviews and help us to gain support so that we can reach more people who desperately need a break.