Guest stories

Pauline and Lola price, Revitalise guests

Pauline Price cares for her elderly mother Lola, aged 87. Lola suffered a stroke and is verbally non-communicative, but Pauline was still happy to see her mother smiling and laughing at the prospect of a holiday with Revitalise:

“It will take the pressure off my every day caring duties. My mother and I have not had a holiday since her illness due to her disability and it will be great to get out and about with different people and see the sights of Southampton. This is a very special opportunity and precious time to spend together after 5 years of my mother being in a wheelchair she has never left home for one night. This would be a fantastic treat for her to get away – and for me. My mother (due to her stroke) cannot speak but when I told her we would go on holiday she SMILED and her laughter said it all.”

Having been to Netley with her mother, Pauline was full of praise for all the opportunities Revitalise provide to disabled guests, and the relief provided to carers:

“It was good for my mother to be in a different environment, and even just looking at the sea is beautiful in Southampton. It benefitted me too to spend precious, good quality time with my mother and see her happy. Well I think Revitalise as a company is amazing. Offering holidays to people in wheelchairs is magnificent and it’s just a one-off because I don’t know of any other companies that offer this. They’ve got buses so they can go on to excursions, and the places they always go to are wheelchair accessible which is really important. I couldn’t fault the company Revitalise, what it offers is amazing.

What was special about the break was that it made my Mum happy.”

Eileen Hudson (84) and her husband, George, Revitalise guests.

“It was important for us to take a break as I haven’t been well for a number of years and my husband is my full time carer. We were in desperate need of a break.

The break was an absolute lifeline for both of us, the other guests used to laugh that we lived up the road but it meant that my husband could go and play golf in the mornings – just 9-hole golf – and then we could spend time together in the afternoons. It made all the difference to us to have time to ourselves and quality time with each other.

Our holiday was absolutely marvellous, the weather was terrible but we had a lovely time! We enjoyed everything. I’m confined to a wheelchair and also have an electric scooter; we went ice skating with Revitalise. My husband and I used to go skating when we were younger and we both found it hilarious being on the ice again. I pulled him around behind me on my scooter!

I don’t know what we would have done for a break without Revitalise. I’ve never really looked into it. We’re looking forward to receiving the next brochure to decide on our next holiday with Revitalise.

We would like to say thank you for our break. Thank you very much. It was the best holiday ever.”

Sally-Ann and June Burden, Revitalise guests

‘’As Sally-Ann has said to me so many times ‘Mum, you’re my district nurse, my physio, my carer, you do so many jobs, if I can go somewhere where I’m looked after then you can just be my Mum’ and that really touched me. Being Sally-Ann’s Mum and carer has taught me so much about tolerance, patience and empathy. So many people would view Revitalise as just going on a break but it’s so much more than that. At Revitalise Sally-Ann said that she didn’t even feel disabled. To her, when she was water skiing, it was just her and the deep blue sea and she can’t wait to go again.

Sally-Ann was so excited about her break and her excitement meant that I felt like everything was going to be ok. It was so important for us to have the respite and it was a really good rest for the both of us. I could let my hair down and for once in a blue moon I didn’t have to worry about the responsibilities of caring. So many people would view Revitalise as just going on a break but it’s so much more than that.’’

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