In memoriam giving

When a cause has really touched someone’s life, relatives or friends often wish to commemorate them in a special way.

A special memory and a lasting tribute

One way of doing this is to request that a donation be made to a charity of their choice, in place of flowers at a funeral. Most undertakers will organise this as part of their service, but donations can also be made through the relatives, or direct to Revitalise. Where we are given details, we will write to thank individual donors for their kind and generous act, and we will contact the next of kin to let them know the names of those who have paid tribute in this manner.

Our Tribute Fund

Friends and relatives often wish to mark an occasion as a lasting tribute to someone they wish to remember – for example by making a donation on their birthday every year. To meet this wish you can establish a Tribute Fund in their name – a marvellous way to create a lasting memory of someone special. All gifts donated will be used in the best way to support our work. This may be to give direct help to someone in real need of a break, to help pay for the cost of nursing care, or to assist with improvements or new services at our centres.

You can set up a Tribute Fund for a loved one via Just Giving, using the page to share memories and stories and collect funds.

Find out more

If you would like to mark a special occasion with a commemorative gift, or to discuss in memoriam gifts or Tribute Funds please email our fundraising team or call 0303 303 0145.