Love to give at Christmas

However you choose to celebrate, the joy of spending Christmas with loved ones is what makes this time so special.

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But for many disabled people and carers, spending precious, quality time together, away from a ‘carer’ or ‘cared for’ role is a distant hope. Imagine not being able to switch off for just a minute to enjoy a special break from the everyday with the people you care about most.

Tina has cared for her son, Aaron since birth. Caring is simply something she does for the person she loves. As she explains:

“Carers are often called heroes. I don’t see myself as a hero – I’m just a mum with a lot of love to give”

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Time away – together or apart – is an essential part of being well, of having healthy relationships. Too long without a break can create a crisis. Yet many disabled people and carers are pushed to breaking point by challenges they face in their daily lives.

A Revitalise break helps our guests, like Tina and Aaron navigate the difficult times, restoring hope and optimism. 

This Christmas, Revitalise is raising donations to support people like Tina and Aaron have the respite they need so they can simply enjoy spending time together this festive season as ‘mother and son’.

Please, will you help us give love a helping hand this Christmas?


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