Revitalise Capital Campaign

Help us build the future

An opportunity to create a new, transformational hotel for Revitalise guests and their carers.

If funding can be secured and the contract agreed, this centre will help more of the estimated 6.8 million unpaid carers in the UK and those who depend upon them. It will re-imagine the choice, quality and accessibility of a truly ‘revitalising holiday.’

A game-changing destination: the Elms sits in nine acres of grounds, nestled within the breath taking Malvern Hills, near the picturesque village of Abberley in Worcestershire. At the heart of the site lies an elegant Grade II listed mansion in the Queen Anne style, dating back to 1710. The site has been extensively remodelled and has been used most recently as a luxury spa hotel.

The talented design team at One Creative, under the watchful eye of visionary architect Piers Gough CBE RA, have begun drafting plans to convert The Elms into a truly ground-breaking nurse-supported holiday centre, preserving both its historic character and its connection to this quintessentially English setting.

Our plan for The Elms:

  • Accommodation for 50 guests and 50 volunteers
  • State of the art accessible facilities promoting independence 
  • A fully accessible spa and swimming pool 
  • Accessible grounds and gardens, shared with the community 
  • High quality, guest-centred nursing and personal care
  • Cutting edge assistive technologies 
  • Preservation of historic setting at the heart of our plans 
  • Environmentally sound and sustainable development 
  • Value and cost-effectiveness a priority

Meet the Challenge of a Growing Need 

Revitalise sustains and enriches the lives and relationships of thousands of disabled people and the loved ones who care for them each year. Nearly 5,000 guest breaks and 3,500 volunteering opportunities mark us out as the only provider of such a service at scale. But we are only scratching the surface. 


Our research has already established the potential number of beneficiaries of our services. Conservatively, there are around 540,000 people in the UK who could benefit from a Revitalise respite holiday. 

This excludes the growing number of people living with dementia, although Revitalise is rare in providing exclusive breaks for people with this condition.

No wonder our three current centres are close to capacity all year round.

The population is ageing; age-related disability is on the increase, as is the invisible, selfless army of people who provide unpaid care to their loved ones day in, day out. The demand for our services will only increase. 

The Elms now offers Revitalise the opportunity, not just to take a quantum leap forward in the way respite care is delivered, but also to increase our total capacity by over 40%, enabling us to reach out to even more people in urgent need of our support. 

Revolutionising Respite: Invisible Accessibility 


All too often, disabled accommodation in mainstream hotels is described by its users as clinical, sacrificing aesthetics for mediocre functionality.  

Revitalise aims to weave accessibility into the very fabric of the building, delivering personalised guest hotel rooms that can be adapted to the individual’s needs through integrated and flexible design. 

We are researching the best assistive technology innovations and design approaches from around the world to inform the design and specification process. 

We will have succeeded if our guests never give a moment’s thought to accessibility, only to the beauty, thoughtfulness and care of everything they see, touch and use. 

We fully intend to set a new global standard in accessibility and, through the tangibile demonstration of the guest experience at Revitalise The Elms, to inspire mainstream hoteliers to create environments that serve and delight everyone. 

Join Us

To find out more about how you can get involved with this exciting project, please contact Vicki Rowles, either by email or by calling 0303 303 0145. 


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