Do the Revitalise5 challenge and support disabled people and the NHS during COVID-19!


The challenge

We are asking you to complete a challenge based on the number 5, donate £5 and share with 5 friends and family. This is the most accessible challenge yet, anything goes!

Why we need your help

Revitalise are working hard during the crisis, adapting our existing specialist centres to help keep many disabled people safe. We are offering full care support to those who would be safer at Sandpipers, our centre in Southport, than at home. Many people rely on just one carer, or a family member, for all of their care needs. What if that person gets ill themselves? What if they simply don’t have access to all of the equipment and supplies that they need during this difficult time? We are here to ensure that disabled people and carers are kept safe during this crisis.

“We still have to look after Barry as he needs 24/7 care. As we are over 75 years old, we are all in isolation. I have family, but they live quite far away so I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the future.” – Jean

We are also supporting the NHS and reducing the pressure on the front line. At our centres in Southampton and Essex, we are welcoming non COVID-19 patients out of local hospitals who require continued care and cannot return home. This frees up vital beds for COVID-19 patients, helping to relieve the pressure on front line workers.


WE NEED YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE TO CARRY OUT THIS VITAL WORK. 100% of your donation will go towards helping disabled people, and the NHS.

How to get involved

  1. Pick your 5 challenge. Anything goes! Fancy doing a 5k run?  Or prefer 5 minutes of skipping? How about painting 5 pictures? You can even do 5 minutes of dancing; nothing is off the cards! The more creative the better! See our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for more examples.
  2. Do your 5. Record yourself tackling your challenge, and/or take pictures. Post it onto social media (don’t forget to use the #Revita5, and tag us @Revitalisecharity)
  3. Donate £5. Donate £5 (or whatever amount you can!) through our website, or through our Virgin Money Giving page. Thank you!
  4. Share with 5. Know 5 people up for the challenge? Share with 5 family and friends on your social media and get them to take the Revitalise5 challenge.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via:

Thank you.

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