Latest Team Members

5th March 2015

Sir Andrew Buchanan Bt

Sir Andrew was educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge. He served in the Coldstream Guards and later in the... View Article

5th March 2015

Denis Green

Denis retired as Chairman of the Friends of Jubilee Lodge after 14 years service during which, under his leadership, the... View Article

5th March 2015

Mindy Sawhney

Mindy joined the Board in 2003, becoming Chairman in September 2010. She also sits on the Remuneration Committee and the Property... View Article

5th March 2015

Linda Beaney

Linda has been a Trustee since 2007. Formerly a founding partner of a firm of central London estate agents Linda... View Article

5th March 2015

Philip White

Philip joined the Board in 2009, having previously served as a committee member. He is a member of the Finance, Audit... View Article

5th March 2015

Mike Ashton

Mike joined the Board in January 2014.  He is Chair of the Income and Market Development Committee and also sits on... View Article

5th March 2015

Victoria Schneider

Victoria joined the Board in March 2015. She is a solicitor who specialises in advising charities and social enterprises. She... View Article

23rd February 2015

Lesley Lindberg

Lesley joined the board in 2016 and is the Chairman of the Guest Experience Committee.  She has a background in... View Article

8th February 2015

Sarah Mancini

Sarah has been working in the health industry for over 20 years, spanning clinical, managerial, training, consultancy and leadership roles... View Article

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