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“Hi, my name is Roeline, I am Dutch and I volunteered with Revitalise, twice, and probably will again.


As a volunteer you work very long days, especially in the beginning, the staff always made sure we had our breaks and that we were well taken care of. They are also always willing to train you in whatever you want to learn and they tell you what you are doing right, but also what you need to do differently.

As I already had two years of experience working in health care, I didn’t learn a lot of new things in that area. I did learn a lot about the rules and care differences between our countries. I also learned a lot about myself, about who I am, what I am capable of and about what kind of person I want to see myself becoming. For this I will forever be grateful! If there was ever any doubt in my mind about me working in health care, this moment has definitely taken it away!”


“Volunteering at Revitalise has been an amazing experience. Coming into the position, I had no idea what it would be like to work for a charity but Revitalise has given me a real look into how a charity works.

In addition, I always felt as if the work I was doing for Revitalise was valuable. Everyone I worked with was so overwhelmingly nice and welcoming – especially coming from so far away, everyone went out of their way to make sure I enjoyed the work I was doing and the environment I was in. I would recommend volunteering at Revitalise to anyone who asks.”


“When I arrived at Revitalise, the centre was buzzing with smiles, with every member of staff and volunteer looking eager and every guest looking so filled with enjoyment.

 I became close with many of the guests over my time as a volunteer and was inspired by all the stories and experiences they shared. I enjoyed every moment and I don’t think I have ever met such an incredible group of people, guests, staff or volunteers. Put simply, volunteering at Revitalise was unlike anything else I’ve ever done, it was a privilege to be there and I don’t think there are many places quite as special as this.”


When I discovered Revitalise I had a limited understanding of disabilities and didn’t know what to expect from my week volunteering. However, any apprehension I felt was immediately put to ease and I gained insight and compassion into a world where I had previously been ignorant.

 It is difficult to articulate just how good Revitalise is, the work they do is vital for people with disabilities and their families, and the way they go about providing it is utterly brilliant. I was able to gain so much; learning from the guests, breaking down communication barriers, and developing friendships with staff and fellow volunteers I would urge everyone to volunteer in some respect; it is, quite simply, a brilliant investment of your time and one which you will never regret.”


“One of my favourite things about being a Revitalise volunteer is going out on trips with the guests. It is always a great opportunity to get to know everyone and give the guests a day free of worry. Seeing them smile after a long but enjoyable day of shopping or after visiting one of London’s museums has been my favourite part of my experience so far.

 Although I have only spent three months at Revitalise Jubilee Lodge, I already feel like I have made the right decision coming here – I have met lovely people, had the opportunity to improve my English and most importantly, gained some really memorable experiences.”


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