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The Give me a break Appeal

Our Give me a break Appeal features a letter from Revitalise guest Grace, who, without financial support from Revitalise wouldn’t have been able to afford an urgently needed break. You can read her story below and, if you are able, please donate to our appeal and help more disabled people and carers like Grace access the lifeline of a respite break.

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Revitalise Sandpipers guest Grace

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Grace and I would like to thank everyone who supports Revitalise’s work and whose kindness has helped fund my recent respite break at Sandpipers; an invaluable lifeline that would simply not have been possible without the special funding I received from Revitalise.

I would also like to explain why respite breaks and, in particular, the time I have spent at Sandpipers has been so important, both to me and to my husband, Andrew.

I’ve lived with a chronic condition since the age of 15 and I’m currently waiting for a major operation. I also care for Andrew, who received brain and spinal injuries as the result of a motorbike accident in 2007.

It’s also fair to say that Andrew cares for me too. In recent years, my health has deteriorated which means I’m often in pain and I have had to stop working. This has led to me feeling increasingly socially isolated and has impacted my mental health. Without Andrew’s support, I find it extremely difficult to leave the house due to feelings of anxiety and Agoraphobia.

With support and help from family, Andrew and I continue to live independently, but life is difficult for disabled people and carers and potentially, even more challenging for disabled carers, like me and Andrew. Being unable to work has also has an impact on our finances and, with little respite support available from the local authority, we have found it increasingly difficult to afford the respite breaks we urgently need. While our love and relationship has helped to keep us strong, there have been many times when I’ve felt exhausted and close to breaking point.

One thing that has helped both Andrew and me significantly over the past few years is the breaks we have been able to take at Sandpipers, Revitalise’s accessible respite holiday centre in Southport.

It’s hard to explain just how much these short breaks have done to change the way I was feeling but
I know the chance to relax, make friends, feel safe and be supported as a disabled person, while also getting a break from round the clock caring responsibilities has had a very positive impact on my wellbeing.

I also know that Andrew and I are not the only ones currently struggling to afford a break. The cost-of-living crisis and huge cuts in local authority respite funding have put the option of a break beyond the reach of many of the disabled people and carers who are in most urgent need of a break.

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