Friends of Jubilee Lodge community fundraising hog roast

Community Fundraising

Community fundraising events are a great way to bring people in your local area together. Whether you organise a coffee morning or quiz night for Revitalise, we promise that your fundraising effort will make a difference where it’s needed most.

Hi, I’m Emma. I’m the Community Engagement Manager for Revitalise!

My role is to raise Revitalise’s profile, especially of our Southport holiday centre, by engaging with existing supporters, fundraising groups and businesses, and finding new supporters. I’d love to hear about your fundraising ideas, from coffee mornings to sponsored skydives!

We would love to be involved. Please email me at

Organise your own local event and raise money for Revitalise

Want to bring your friends, family and neighbours together in a meaningful way? A community fundraiser to support Revitalise may be the perfect solution! There are endless ways to get involved, limited only by your imagination.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas for your event:

LED sign for Quiz Night

Host your own pub quiz

Get your family and friends together at your local pub and charge an entry fee for participation. Some people might even generously donate the cost of a round of drinks! You can do this virtually as well in the comfort of your own home, using Zoom or Skype.

biscuits and cookies laid our for a bake sale

Organise a bake sale

This could be in the form of a cake sale at work, your community centre or at home. Or perhaps you’d like to create your own Bake Off competition between friends and colleagues. You could also choose to organise a local coffee morning, for a tasty treat and natter with friends.

volunteers at Sandpipers Southport

Dress down at work

If you’re in a more formal office, why not ask your boss if you could hold a ‘dress down day’ where everyone chips in for a chance to dress casual. Or you could organise a ‘wear pink’ day in honour of Revitalise.

Friends of Jubilee Lodge at Annual Hog Roast

Take on a ‘Yes Day’ challenge

For a fun and positive spin on fundraising, you could have a ‘Yes Day’ — the only day where you aren’t allowed to say no. Be careful though, as your friends and colleagues might present you with some creative challenges and dares! Your reward will be a donation to Revitalise.

wine tasting at home for fundraising

Wine-tasting evening at home

If you’re a vino-lover, why not ask your friends to come over with their favourite bottle and a donation? You’re sure to have a night of fun and laughter as you all try each other’s tipples of choice, while giving to a great cause.

How your fundraising makes a difference:

“The hardest thing about being a carer is that there is not enough time to do everything that’s needed to do.”

“It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with [a loved one] at Revitalise, as it’s all quality time”.

“At Revitalise we are able to access opportunities that aren’t ever open to us. Lynda has really enjoyed going to Blackpool and to the Safari, things that we could never dream of doing without Revitalise”.

“I want Lynda to have the best quality of life for the longest time possible and Revitalise really helps with that”.

– Sue, Lynda’s daughter and full-time carer

Start planning your local fundraising event today

Got a question about events or fundraising for Revitalise? Send us an email or call us on 0303 303 0145. To order materials for your community event, please fill out this form.

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