Revitalise guest Harj at Jubilee Lodge

Harj’s story

Harjinder had been trying to go away for his birthday for the past 3 years but had been unable to due to Covid, travelling and finance. Finally he was able to take a holiday this May during his birthday week funded by CS Disabled Holidays, the MS Society and Revitalise Support Fund. He struggled to find suitable transport to get him to Revitalise – causing immense stress as he was looking forward to his break. Revitalise picked him up from the station.  

Fifteen years ago, Harj was married and had just welcomed a baby son into the world. He was working as a fitness and wellbeing instructor at a well-known gym. He had a huge network of friends and was known as someone who ‘just wanted to help anyone who needed it.’ 

Then he received the devastating diagnosis of MS. The disease progressed quickly, and his life is changed forever.  

He lives on his own and relies on professional carers to meet his daily needs. His mum visits him at least three times a week and he sees his son every Saturday. On Fridays, he and his carer go out for a couple of hours. His neighbour calls in on him every evening to make sure that he is OK and is in the right position to sleep comfortably.  

Yet, he has lost contact with many of his friends, and he still spends a lot of time alone. 

Harjinder’s sister describes why a break away is important to him

It’s not just the holiday, it’s having something to look forward to.

It’s important to his mum too. She spends almost all her time thinking about how to make life better for Harj. She does his cleaning, laundry and cooks all his meals. She needed a break too. If she does get away to visit other family, she cooks and freezes meals in advance and makes arrangements with family members to call in on Harj. When Harj goes to our holiday centre, Jubilee Lodge, she knows that he is getting all the care he needs, that his meals are prepared and that he is having a good time. 

Harj loves the excursions at Jubilee Lodge and the opportunity to make new connections. His sisters and their families came to visit him on his birthday and brought treats to share with every guest.  He is still able to use his mobile with assisted technology. And because he is the person he is, he is using it to reach out to others as he supports the planning of Diwali Week at Jubilee Lodge. He remains the person who would do something for anyone. His mantra is: 

‘Be happy, make other people happy, and help those who anyone who needs it.’  

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