We are the people who create revitalising holidays for disabled people and carers and your support allows us to do that.

Every year, Revitalise provides high-quality care for disabled guests at our centres, yet we receive no central government funding. We must make every penny count and we urgently need the support and generosity of our friends and supporters. The wonderful donations we receive:

  • help provide nursing care for a disabled guest
  • purchase mobility equipment for our centres
  • subsidise the cost of running a specialist Alzheimer’s week for our guests
  • support our extensive residential volunteering programme
  • provide much-need funds for our hardship funding initiatives

All fundraising initiatives, such as appeals and newsletters, raise money towards the Revitalise Support Fund. The Fund provides urgent assistance to those in desperate need of respite, experiencing financial hardship. Quite often they have nowhere else to turn and have reached breaking point. Without a break, our health and relationship inevitably suffer, and it is for these people for whom your kind donations support.

Let our guests share their own stories with you…


Lin and Steve

Lin and Steve Just 15 months after Lin and Steve’s wedding day, Steve suffered a stroke and Lin became his carer. Their lives were suddenly turned upside down. Lin explains:

“I had waited half my life to find the man of my dreams and after Steve’s stroke, the simple pleasures that made us a couple were gone in the blink of an eye. There was no communication or sharing a cup of tea or being able to have a hug – you don’t realise how much you’ll miss these things until you don’t have them.”

Everyday life is sometimes hard for the couple and they are rarely able to take a break. Day to day life is hard for the couple; they are not able to go away or take a break. Lin wants to give Steve every opportunity to get better and spends her time taking him to appointments, researching and finding suitable equipment to assist him. She had not had a day off for four years and feels exhausted.

“On our Revitalise holiday, Steve grew in confidence and regained some independence as he felt safe.  He went to the pool and restaurant on his own, it was wonderful. He even talked to another guest who had had a stroke; he would never have done that before Revitalise.

Revitalise is the one place we can go to feel happy and like a couple again, and that’s very important to us both. Steve can be more independent, and he has grown in confidence; he feels safe at Revitalise. There are no words to describe what a special place it is. There is a feeling of acceptance, you can be yourself and you are treated as an individual. Without Revitalise, there would be nowhere for disabled people and carers to go.”


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Hilary and Shaun

Hilary and Shaun

Shaun is 32 and following an accident 15 years ago, has needed round-the-clock care. His mum, Hilary, cares for him by herself at home, although she would never call herself a carer. Rather, just something she does as Shaun’s mum. Shaun has been a Revitalise guest for the past twelve years. As Hilary explains:

“He really loves going to Revitalise as he gets loads of attention, hangs out with his friends and has fun. He looks forward to his holidays and always comes back with a big smile on his face. Shaun also likes to have time away from me and be an independent young person.”

Whilst Shaun is on his Revitalise break, Hilary has the opportunity of time to herself and the chance to switch-off. She might go and see friends, to the shops or simply relax at home but what the Revitalise break means for her is not having to stick to a schedule or balance her role as a carer and mum for just a little while.

“Usually whilst Shaun is on his Revitalise break, I stay at home and relax but it’s hard to get away. Shaun is my life and since his accident I’ve dedicated myself to him, and that’s how it should be. I always thought I was a strong person and I always thought, ‘no I need to be strong for Shaun’ but I forgot that I need to be strong for myself. But everyone needs a break from time to time.”


The Revitalise Fundraising Promise

  • We will always tell you how your money is being spent, to show how you are helping provide an essential service to disabled people
  • We do not phone people to solicit money; we will never cold call you or anyone else to ask for donations
  • We will never sell your data, or share it with anyone
  • If you say that you want to hear from us less, or not at all, we will make sure your wishes are honoured

Our deepest thanks to you, all our supporters and friends, for your dedication in ensuring that disabled people and their carers receive the vital respite they need and deserve.


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