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Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas for your own local event 

– Raise some dough for Revitalise and get involved in some baking! This could be in the form of a cake sale at work or at home or a baking competition between friends and colleagues.

– Ask your boss if you could hold a ‘dress down day’ at work where everyone pays a sum of money to wear less formal attire.

Have a ‘yes’ day, the only day where you are not allowed to say no to the challenges and dares you are faced with. Your reward will be a donation.

– Or you could hold a wine-tasting evening at your home.

How your fundraising makes a difference

“Last time I was here (at Sandpipers) for Queen Week, I was on the dance floor for three hours. But being on my crutches for 3 hours meant my hamstrings cramped and I needed help to get back in to my wheelchair. I then couldn’t walk for three days…but it was worth it! My hamstrings were as tight as the Bank of Scotland!

“There is no alternative to Revitalise for me. If Sandpipers were to close, it would destroy me.”

– Carl Ashcroft, Revitalise guest

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Other ways you can support Revitalise

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