Toni-Marie Barker giving speech at 2021 ISL Awards

The ISL Partnership

Revitalise are proud to partner with ISL, a national organisation who offer support to those who need it, including disabled people, as well as those with mental health issues, a learning disability and older people. By working with local communities and partners (like us!) they help people reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

About ISL

ISL’s mission is bringing opportunities to life; working with people and communities to enable everyone to reach their potential. People are at the heart of everything they do, they believe in choices not options wherever possible and work to find creative ways of putting that into practice. They support people with varied needs at home and in the community.

For more information on ISL and the important work they do, please visit their website. Alternatively, you can let us know you are interested in supporting us both by emailing

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How we’re working together

Through our partnership with ISL we are hoping to ensure every disabled person knows about Revitalise, so we can help them get the holiday they deserve. ISL are also using their platform to fundraise for us, ensuring that we can keep doing what we do best.

Sponsored Annual Awards

A huge thank you for the successful ISL Annual Awards dinner that raised over £7k. A fantastically fun evening with funds supporting Revitalise’s disabled people and their carers.

2021 ISL Awards evening

London Marathon

ISL have 4 incredible runners in the 2022 London Marathon, running in support of Revitalise.

Revitalise London Marathon runner

Yewbarrow Charity Challenge

Chris, a client of ISL, along with employees Coach Sean and Andy took on the sponsored hike in the Lake District raising a phenomenal £1,838 for Revitalise.

ISL resident Chris climbing mountain as part of his Yewbarrow challenge