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Boost Your Donation with Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a great way of making your donation to Revitalise go further. For every £1 you give, HMRC will add an extra 25p which will go straight to Revitalise.

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Gift Aid is a great way of making your donation to Revitalise go further.

Revitalise is entitled to reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue on every £1 you donate as long as you are a UK taxpayer so your £1 donation can become £1.25.

How it works

Tax can be reclaimed on any donation made by you as long as you have paid UK income or capital gains tax equal to or more than the amount reclaimed on your donations in the current tax year.
Even better, we can also claim back the tax on any donations you have made within the last four years.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is download and fill in our Gift Aid  Declaration form and return it to us. We can then claim back the tax on any donation you make to us. If you have made a donation to Revitalise through Just Giving or the Charities Aid Foundation then you may have already signed a Gift Aid Declaration. However please still return the form to us, as we are then able to claim back tax on any separate donation you might make in the future.

Returning the form doesn’t commit you to making a donation — it just means that if you do donate, your money is worth more to Revitalise and will help us carry out more vital work.

More information about Gift Aid

Higher rate taxpayers

If you are a higher rate taxpayer then we are only able to claim back tax at the basic rate. However you are able to reclaim the higher tax relief when you complete your self-assessment tax return.

What if I don’t pay tax in the UK?

The Gift Aid scheme is unique to the UK. If you do not pay any tax in the UK you can still make a donation, but Revitalise will be unable to reclaim tax.

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Further information

You can request more information on Gift Aid by email or by calling us on 0303 303 0145. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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