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“It’s just endless. I feel there is no let-up, no relief. I don’t know how much longer I can go on.”

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About the Give me a break Appeal

Our founder, Joan Brander, witnessed the overwhelming isolation and frustration of people with disabilities and their families, virtual prisoners in their own homes, with little prospect of even the briefest respite.  

She also witnessed the plight of family carers, whose devotion to their loved ones without relief was taking a devastating physical and emotional toll.  

She saw that families were in desperate need of support and, 60 years ago, she set about providing it. In 2014, inspired by the example of her and others, access to respite became a statutory right. 

But today we are seeing a respite crisis.

Funding for respite breaks needs to be protected. Without something to look forward to, without a break from the day to day, we’re going to see more caring relationships break down, a greater reliance on full time residential care and an increase in mental health breakdown. This isn’t just a holiday. It’s a lifeline.

Did you know?

  • 41% of carers have not had a break at all in the last year. (Carers UK, State of Caring Report, November 2022) 
  • 47% of carers say they need more time off from their caring role. (Carers UK, State of Caring Report, November 2022) 
  • 65% carers disagreed that they have access to appropriate support that suits their needs, including respite care and carers breaks. (Carers UK, State of Caring Report, November 2022) 
  • Over the last 5 years, the number of carers being assessed for Local Authority support has grown by 1% but the number receiving support has fallen by 11%. (Nuffield Trust, Falling Short, October 2022)
  • Access to breaks for carers, via funding allowing the cared-for person to be looked after by someone else, fell by 42% over the same period. (Nuffield Trust, Falling Short, October 2022)
  • A recent guest survey carried out by Revitalise has shown that 56% of people who need a break simply cannot afford to take one. 
  • The ONS’s UK wide research has shown that 36% of all disabled people have been prevented from going on holiday by issues with accessibility (including the requirement for care).
  • Research by Scope in 2021 showed that almost 2/3 of disabled people (61%) are now chronically lonely.

Living with a disability can be relentless and tiring

Beyond physical and mental pain, disabled people: feel excluded, isolated, and are often confined to their homes for significant proportions of the day. 

More than half (55%) of disabled people meet with someone who lives outside of their home less than twice within a week. (ONS Disability Survey, 2021)

There is also a need for better awareness of access to funding.

Over 50% of people don’t know they are entitled to the right to respite. (Revitalise research, July 2021) 

Read the stories of Revitalise guests

Revitalise guest Harj at Jubilee Lodge

Harj’s story

Harjinder had been trying to go away for his birthday for the past 3 years but had been unable to due to Covid, travelling and finance. Finally he was able to take a holiday this May, but he struggled to find suitable transportation. Read more about how Revitalise has supported Harj’s breaks.

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Revitalise guest Andrew at Jubilee Lodge

Andrew’s story

Andrew has been coming to Revitalise Holiday centres for at least 10 years. He’s made loads of friends over the years and they’ve kept in touch. They try to arrange to take a holiday together, but most of his friends were unable to join him this year because they just couldn’t get the funding.  

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Revitalise guest Angela

Angela’s story

Angela had only £200 in her account to last the next 2 weeks on food. Her financial situation had caused her a breakdown, and the added stress of having to look into funding was causing it to worsen. Keep reading to learn how we helped Angela fund her lifeline break.

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The Give me a break Appeal

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Support Funding for Breaks

With your support, we can provide a lifeline to even more disabled and carers who desperately need respite. Donate today and help give a break to those who need it most.

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