Making a Difference

April 26, 2024
Image of our guest and a volunteer on a day trip to the Kew Garden. They are smiling at the camera and the guest is using a wheelchair. There's a pink overlay on the image with the text: Making a Difference

Our volunteers bring the magic that makes every break so memorable.

Behind every holiday with Revitalise is a team of volunteers who help to give our guests and their families the break they deserve. Each year we rely on an army of over 3,000 volunteers from all walks of life, not just in our centres but in our shops and even our head office. Ours is one of the biggest residential volunteer programmes in the country.

Meet our Guest Ambassador, Neil

Volunteering as a Guest Ambassador at our Jubilee Lodge centre has helped Neil not only to make a huge difference to the holiday experiences of his fellow guests, but also to rebuild his own skills and confidence. Read more on what Neil has to say about his journey with Revitalise.

I’ve been Jubilee Lodge’s Guest Ambassador for just over a year. I’ve helped host an evening reception at the Houses of Parliament, been interviewed on the radio and by the BBC and represented Revitalise with local charities and at many events.

As the founder of Phab Club Mike’s Den in Harlow, I’ve been actively involved in forging a partnership between Revitalise and Phab. Phab is a national charity with over 150 clubs nationwide that brings together individuals with and without disabilities, fostering friendships and creating enjoyable experiences. We want to establish a Phab Club in close proximity to Jubilee Lodge so that guests can join in the fun while on holiday and Phab Club members can explore all that Jubilee Lodge has to offer.

Along with my close friend and fellow guest Dave, I have been working towards establishing a volunteer fundraising team dedicated to supporting Jubilee Lodge. We’ve already got some projects in mind, including creating a new garden at the centre.

Having been a guest at Jubilee Lodge for over 20 years, it’s been great to give back to a charity that helped restore my confidence all those years ago after my disability meant that I had to give up my job as a nurse. I used the free will service a couple of years ago, and have included a legacy for Revitalise so that others can enjoy a holiday in the future.

Meet our shop volunteer, Carla

Carla started at our shop in Hedge End last year and hasn’t looked back. The amazing Carla is described by her team as “a breath of fresh air” and “an exceptional human being”. Carla began volunteering last spring and always goes the extra mile for the rest of the team and the customers. She says:

I work hard and I love what I do. I get to be creative. I know some think it’s just volunteering but it’s given me a whole new mindset and given me my confidence back. I have an amazing team of women around me who I cherish dearly. If you’re looking to do something with your spare time, I one million per cent recommend volunteering!”

Image of a group of volunteers at Sandpipers helping with the rejuvenation of the gardens

(This blog is part of a special feature from our yearly spring magazine. To read the complete magazine, please visit Revitalise spring magazine 2024.)